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What Are They Saying?

​​Studying Spanish at Becoming Bilingual for the past 3 1/2 year has been a serious learning experience as well as a real joy.  The classes are creative, fun and tailored to meet my needs.  I find myself using Spanish more and more in my work as well as in my travels.  It helps me to communicate with people and understand other cultures much more thoroughly.   Becoming Bilingual is exactly what I was looking for in a language school!
- Sheri Barron 
Having studied in a small class with Diana in Viera I was hesitant to switch to web-ex when she moved to Missouri. What a mistake! When she moved back to Florida I decided to give it a shot. It is every bit as good if not better than a private class. When class is over you are able to play the whole class back to see and hear everything as many times as you want in a week. What could be better. Try that with a class.
Profesora Diana Reese,

It is my good fortune to have been in your Spanish class for the past three years. It has been a valuable experience to me especially in my volunteer work at the hospital where families of patients come in from various Spanish-speaking countries . Frequently family members are non-English speaking and being able to understand them and converse at some level really helps to allay their anxiety.

To say that Ms. Reese knows her Spanish is an understatement; she also instructs faultlessly in the idiomatic peculiarities of her language and 
works the students hard in the recognition and use of verb tenses . 

I heartily endorse Ms. Reese as a skilled Spanish teacher. She even has a great sense of humor when we students fail to perform as expected.

Thank You Ms. Reese!!
- Olive Scola Smith
After unsuccessful attempts to study Spanish with other teachers, I found becoming bilingual. What a find! I have been studying Spanish for four or more years with becoming bilingual. Diana is always encouraging, patient and professional. She makes the lessons interesting, current and fun. While learning Spanish, I learned the culture of Latin America which developed a love of the art, food and music. When Learning a language one must learn the culture. I recommend Becoming bilingual to anyone who wants to truly learn Spanish. 
- Carol Lichwala  
I have been taking Spanish lessons from Becoming Bilingual for a year.  Before that I tried several times to learn from tapes, with little success. When I compare where I am now to where I was a year ago, I find I have made amazing progress. I always look forward to classes and highly recommend Becoming Bilingual.
- John Yust.
I’ve been learning Spanish now for almost one year with Becoming Bilingual and in that year I’ve learned so much! The emphasis lies on speaking the language and because the classes are so small you learn very quickly. We always have fun in class and it’s very laid back (no tests or anything like that), and we have a great teacher. 

Spanish is my fifth language and I have to say I’ve never learned so much in such a short time. I think this is one of the fastest and most fun ways to become bilingual.  
- Judith Oude Lansink

Brevard County  students gathered for breakfast

Learning Spanish through Becoming Bilingual was a wonderful experience. I learned more through their course than I did with any other method. You have the option of learning just the basics or becoming proficient in the language. I would greatly recommend Becoming Bilingual to everyone interested in learning Spanish.  
-Vickie Gangwish
Back in April of 2006, i arranged a trip to Honduras to live with a family for 2 weeks, learn a little Spanish and do some volunteer work. I didn't know a word of Spanish beyond 'hola'. I picked up a paper one day and read about becoming bilingual and immediately called Diana.  It just so happened that she had a class starting the next week with just one other fellow wanting  a 'crash course' like me. So, i attended just 5 classes with Diana.  She tailored the class around my needs, and because of her, i was able to arrive in Honduras, all alone, at night, and manage to communicate very well to get where i needed to be and make all the initial arrangements until i got settled.  Thank you Diana for saving me from floundering in the airport for hours!
-Ellyn Baergen
Rockledge, fl
It is very fun and really cool. You get to learn lots of things, play on line games in Spanish. We can see each other through a camera and talk through a microphone. I have been taking on-line classes since September 2006 and took Spanish classes with Mrs. Reese for ten weeks in the summer. It has been a learning experience.  I just have learned so much now in the matter of about a half a year now. 
I flew down to Florida in the summer from Michigan and got more than what I expected.  It was awesome! I had no idea learning a different language would be so much fun!
-Jacob Range. 

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